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  Click to purchase  paperback from Amazon or ebook from Amazon Kindle  

A gripping story of pushy parents, teenage angst, cyberbullying and murder madness, The Gate is a psychological thriller at heart, but also a moving account of grief and family, as a widowed career mother tries to reconnect with her sweet-child-turned-rebel daughter.

Foreign correspondent Megan Moreau’s life is turned upside down when, returning from Afghanistan, tragedy strikes. She makes the life-altering decision to resign her job and move her teenage twins from their London comprehensive to St Peter’s in Easthaven.  The arrival, mid-term, of rebellious but talented Daisy and studious Josh, soon stirs up a hornet’s nest of resentment among the clique of child-centric mothers who dominate the school gate. But beneath the respectable veneer, evil is at work. As the crimes escalate the close-knit community is torn apart. The safety of her own family threatened, Megan joins the hunt for the elusive and psychotic killer but discovers that some people’s deceptions are just too hard to fathom …